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Live Sex Noises with Real People

Funny in bed – Young couple with laptop in the bed

A New Way to Enjoy Your Kinks

Imagine the sound of the gasps as you hear someone approaching climax, the orgasmic scream, the tone, the breathless passion. People are driven wild by sex noises and sensual moaning, and we provide the ideal platform for lustful listeners. Welcome to Moanpal: A worldwide network where real people share their live sex noises with one other in a safe and accessible manner.

For Listeners: Live Sex Noises and Live Moaning

Sex noises and moaning can be primal passion boosters—even leaving you speechless! Language and sound communicate not only information but also meaning and feelings. We offer something completely different from traditional porn, allowing you to experience pleasure without preconceptions of body form, gender, cultural background, or physical appearance. We bring you live sex audio for your listening pleasure.

How it works

Moanpalis the one-and-only platform where real people broadcast their live sex noises with each other, safely and transparently a worldwide network of content creators and listeners. We welcome to your new kink! We are sure, you can search for what you want with keywords, titles, and gender identifiers, but really, until you get to know the content creators and their style, your choices for listening will involve taking a chance on live sex noises, live group sex audio, and sexual noise sharing with others until you find something that works for you. Best of all It’s completely safe and anonymous! “There are tens of millions of others worldwide who share your interest according to our survey.”

What are you waiting for?

Sign up

All you need to do is Sign up for free, and create your profile.


Once you’re active you can find live Moaners online by clicking into your preferred area to join them. Select by country, sexual orientation or just their user names!

Start Sharing

Once you’ve found someone to begin your sexual noise sharing journey, just click the call button, unmute your mic and you’re ready to go, your audio sex noises will be shared securely in real-time.

Create Your Own Moanpal Group

Fancy something a bit more adventurous? Why not start a Moanpal live audio sex party, live group sex sharing, or live orgy party? Simply create your own Moanpal group and organise regular meetings with others across the globe. Listening to live sex noises and sharing live moaning audio with others provides you with an exciting new way to explore yourself. Whatever your kinks, we aim to have stories that fulfill those desires in a unique and immersive way. Sign up now and lay back, close your eyes, and begin sharing your sexual pleasure.

For Moaners

Interested in sharing live sex noises and live moaning? When people hear of sharing live sex noises and live moaning, they normally think of adult material from sex workers or models who share explicit content, and more. But that’s not what Moanpal was created for. Currently, we allow anybody to share the live sex noises and live sex audio they want, as we grow, we’re looking for people who want to become regular content creators.

Anyone can earn

Moanpal is the way to go if you utilise social media and create your own material already. In a poll we conducted, a staggering 60% of individuals from all around the world indicated that hearing sex noises turns them on. This allows content providers to cater to the wants and desires of listeners, and your followers would gladly pay for it!


Wouldn’t it be great if you only paid a modest monthly fee to access exclusive material and live streaming from the people you enjoy sharing live sex noises with? Build a following of true supporters and get rewarded for their loyalty and kinks!

We’re safe and secure

Because we’re audio-only, sensitive information like your name and address is not needed. It’s completely safe and anonymous – it’s audio-only and no private information is required. Sign up at Moanpal – A Liberating Platform for Sharing Real Time Sex Noises.


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