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Make Sex Even Hotter with Live Moaning

Young heterosexual couple pretending to kiss each other.

Making sounds during sex is normal. People make different sorts of noises during intercourse. Some scream, some moan, and others grunt and gasp. Of course, sex noises make a couple more involved in sex. Where a few people are natural moaners, others feel awkward about it. Certainly, sex sounds are normal. But some experts have unveiled the curtain that some people make such noises just to feel better or have good sex.

Reasons some People Moan During Sex

Now, this is the common question many people have in their minds. Well, there are many reasons for it. Imagine how you would feel traveling 500 km and reaching your home and lying on the bed. You groan automatically. Making sounds is a normal phenomenon. Sometimes you groan when you feel good. When it comes to sex, moaning acts as a communication tool. It lets you guide your partner in the right direction without uttering a word. However, on the other side, sometimes sex noises are not to show sexual pleasure, but about pleasuring your partner.

A study also revealed that women make the loudest noises before their male partner climaxes. Not only this, but some women also fake moaning to help their partner climax. Women have different reasons to scream and moan. One of the reasons is when a woman just wanted to stop. Women scream when sex is either not pleasurable for them, or they are feeling uncomfortable. Some women make sex noises just to make their partner good. If they have already orgasmed, they make moaning noises in order to help their partner get there.

Reasons some people don’t moan during sex

Let’s be honest; you don’t have to moan loader for better sex. Even some people don’t make any noise during sex. If you are among them, there is nothing to fear about. You can listen to live sex noises online from websites like Moanpal. The website offers a wide range of sex noises that make your intercourse with your partner more enjoyable. Quieter sex doesn’t mean a couple is not enjoying the sex, and sometimes they enjoy being quieter. Moaning, as mentioned earlier, is a way to communicate during sex. Non-auditory clues are pushing partners away, pulling them closer, and eye contact. Whereas auditory clues are breathing heavily and speaking. Even many people soften their grunts and groans into quiet sighs and moans or no sound at all.

Finding Authentic Real-life Noises in Bed

Making sounds is a natural reaction to pleasure. However, not making sounds is also normal. When it comes to sex, people have a different points of view. If you want to make your sex life spicy, the best way is to look for real-time sex noises. However, it doesn’t mean you have to ask someone to do this for you, but there are websites like Moanpal that already have a wide assortment of sex noises available. No matter your sexual orientation, you can easily find the most authentic sex noises online.

Sex sounds help you to arouse your feelings and make you indulge in sex. So, if you don’t like to make noises, the best way is to listen to live sex noises of people. It makes you feel better and arouses you even more, so you could have a good time with your partner. Even if you want to find out which sounds make you aroused, try it during masturbation. You can listen to sounds of moaning, groaning, and breathing.


When it comes to sex noises, everyone has different preferences. Some people like screaming noises, and the others like moaning noises. So, it is vital to look for your desired sounds that give you maximum arousal. Regardless of the sex sounds you make, it is interesting to add more crisp to it by listening to sex noises. People make these noises during real-time sex. So, while listening to them, you feel like someone is actually making noises for you. If you are looking for a website that helps you with erotic audio, look no further than Moanpal.We are one of the leading sites that has a library of sex noises. If you want to be a part of the community, be a member of Moanpal now. Register today, create Moanpal group and join sex parties now! No personal information is required!


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